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What LPs should expect in 2024, new venture fund launches, the do's and don'ts for emerging managers, and much more.

The Limited Partner podcast is a podcast focused on limited partners where co-hosts David Weisburd and Erik Torenberg discuss venture capital through the lens of limited partners.

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The world of LPs is notoriously secret and private, but on this show, influential limited partners, VCs, and investors speak candidly about venture capital in 2024 and how LPs are navigating the asset class today.

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‎"The Limited Partner" with David Weisburd and Erik Torenberg | Startups, Venture Capital, and Limited Partners:

What investors are saying 🗣

🎙 Hans Swildens, Founder of Industry Ventures, on VC secondaries in 2024

We think we are off the projection by -40 percent or so due to the continued bid/ask spread and NAV continuing to decline this year overall…we expect next year to grow into the $100 billion volume we expected this year as NAVs comes down and discounts are not as deep as a results

Lawrence Aragon, Venture Capital Journal

🎙 Jai Das, President and Co-Founder of Sapphire Ventures, on startup valuations in 2024

We will see many more recapitalizations and down-rounds in 2024. Startups that have inefficient business models and lack investors willing to support them will shut down or be sold for pennies on the dollar. Lots of seed-stage companies will also have a hard time raising Series A since investors at that stage have become much more selective

Jai Das, President and Co-Founder of Sapphire Ventures

🎙 Ben Horowitz, Co-Founder of a16z, on supporting politicians who advocate for crypto and AI technology advancement

We believe that advancing technology is critical for humanity’s future, so we will, for the first time, get involved with politics by supporting candidates who align with our vision and values specifically for technology…We are non-partisan, one issue voters: If a candidate supports an optimistic technology-enabled future, we are for them. If they want to choke off important technologies, we are against them. 

Ben Horowitz, Co-Founder of Andreesen Horowitz

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Emerging manager do’s and don’ts

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