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Sequoia's fellowship program for open source developers, Pretty Little Liars' star, Sasha Pieterse, on her new venture-backed startup, what subscription line financing can mean for fund managers, and much more.

The 10X Capital Podcast is a podcast focused on interviews with the world’s top Venture Capitalists and their Limited Partners.

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🎙 Andrew Frazer Smith, Founder of Bridge, on why [subscription lines] are important for fund managers and how they benefit the investment process.

“The main reason that they’ve been used is the operational benefits they provide. So rather than a fund calling on its investors’ capital every time it makes an investment—which usually operates on a basis of time of a capital call plus 10 days—it uses a subscription line…If one fund can draw down on a revolving line of credit on the same day or the next day to make an investment and another one says it’s going to take 11 days, then all things being equal, you’ll go with the former…It’s also beneficial to the investors in the fund…It’s far easier for them to manage their capital if they are, for example, receiving [semiannual] requests for capital.”

Andrew Frazer Smith, Founder of Bridge - online marketplace for subscription line financing

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