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Founder quality in 2024, ex-athlete raises $100M fund, how writing online propelled this multi-time Midas List investor, and much more.

The 10X Capital Podcast is a podcast focused on limited partners where co-hosts David Weisburd and Erik Torenberg discuss venture capital through the lens of limited partners.

By popular demand, we’ve launched the 10X Capital Podcast newsletter, which offers this week’s venture capital and limited partner news in digestible news bites delivered straight to your email.

The world of LPs is notoriously secret and private, but on this show, influential limited partners, VCs, and investors speak candidly about venture capital in 2024 and how LPs are navigating the asset class today.

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‎"The 10X Capital Podcast" with David Weisburd and Erik Torenberg | Startups, Venture Capital, and Limited Partners:

What investors are saying 🗣

🎙 Karen Page, General Partner at B Capital, on the quality of founders B Capital is seeing today.

“What we’re starting to see now is a very large change back to high quality founders, high quality ideas and very thoughtful approaches to their GTM efforts as a result of the past couple of years that we’ve been through.”

Karen Page, General Partner at B Capital

🎙 Jason Calacanis, founder at LAUNCH, on 506[c] fundraises.

“We did 506[c] for the first time with LAUNCH Fund IV, $110M in interest from the public…there’s a possibililty that LAUNCH Fund may neevr have to raise from classic LPs…the public has an interest in having access [to VC]

Jason Calacanis, Founder at LAUNCH

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