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Reid Hoffman on "Letters to a Young Investor", celebrity launches $1B fund for Black-owned businesses, most-active US VCs, and much more.

The 10X Capital Podcast is a podcast focused on limited partners where co-hosts David Weisburd and Erik Torenberg discuss venture capital through the lens of limited partners.

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The world of LPs is notoriously secret and private, but on this show, influential limited partners, VCs, and investors speak candidly about venture capital in 2024 and how LPs are navigating the asset class today.

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‎"The 10X Capital Podcast" with David Weisburd and Erik Torenberg | Startups, Venture Capital, and Limited Partners:

What investors are saying 🗣

🎙 Timur Davis, Investment Director at Munich Re Ventures, on space startups after a surge in investment activity in the sector during recent years.

“This year, 2024, will be a year of reckoning, to a large extent, for venture”

Timur Davis, Investment Director at Munich Re Ventures

🎙 Reid Hoffman, serial entrepreneur and Partner at Greylock, on game theory and investing.

“In 2012, despite the prodigious impressiveness of the brothers Collison, I passed on investing in Stripe. Why? First, I basically had PTSD from my PayPal experience. I was wary of any financial services investments because on top of the regulatory complexity/friction, payments are incredibly difficult to get to scale. With insufficient volume, you are left tending to a money-hemorrhaging business due to all the chargebacks and fraud that are intrinsic to payments. So unless you have a really good theory about how to get to scale, it’s a fatal problem.”

Reid Hoffman, serial entrepreneur and Partner at Greylock

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